Hart 2 Heart Animal Rescue

About Us

The Hart 2 Heart story begins almost 30 years ago when founders Sharon Doyle and Michael Hart were living parallel lives doing animal rescue. As a former law enforcement officer, Sharon had seen the worst of animal cruelty and neglect, as well as the numbers of strays or lost animals that were transported to local shelters where they were never claimed. To Sharon, that was a fate worse than death.

As a small business owner and contractor, Michael too had seen his share of animal abuse, cruelty and neglect. His path crossed with Sharon’s years later, when they were both called to help a woman with a dog named Precious, and a situation involving feral cats. What started out as doing trap, neuter and return, soon turned into the rescue and adoption of hundreds of animals.

Hart 2 Heart works to keep animals out of shelters.  We do this by finding those adoptable animals the best of forever homes where loving hearts are joined together. For the animals who may not be adoptable, or are special needs pets, Hart 2 Heart is devoted to getting them where they need to be, whether it is with a foster family, or whether they remain lifelong residents of Hart 2 Heart Animal Rescue.

Sharon, Mike and the many volunteers of Hart 2 Heart strive to leave no animal behind, continually working towards that goal. This includes securing adoptions, as well as assisting pet parents with pet retention in their homes.

The future looks promising, with exciting plans to grow. Hart 2 Heart is extremely eager to continue with its efforts for many years to come, including building relationships with key partners such as Pet Supplies Plus and PetSmart retailers among others. Hart 2 Heart has created significant bonds not only between animals and people, and animals and animals, but also bonds with our adopters, fosters, and other volunteers.  As a 100% donor based organization, we value these connections and understand the importance of working together to make the world a better place -- one animal at a time.